em. o. Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael HANTEL

Universität Wien
Institut für Meteorologie und Geophysik
Althanstr. 14 (UZA II, Raum 2A512)
1090 Wien
Tel: +43 (0)1 4277-53771
E-mail: Michael.Hantel(at)univie.ac.at

Curriculum vitae

Michael Hantel, born 1938 in Berlin, studied at universities Marburg and Bonn. Diploma 1961 in experimental physics (academic teacher W. Paul), PhD 1968 in oceanography (teacher G. Wüst), habilitation 1972 in theoretical meteorology (teacher H. Flohn). Postdocs at universities Miami (1968/69) und Princeton (1974/75). Professor for meteorology 1976, University of Bonn. Professor for theoretical meteorology 1987-2007, University of Vienna. Married since 1964, three children.

Main fields in research and teaching

Geophysical fluid dynamics (atmosphere, ocean), global climatology (energy cycle, diagnostic budgets), convective fluxes in the atmosphere, temperature sensitivity of snow and vegetation in the Alps, Nambu calculus in dynamical meteorology. Supervised diploma theses 1977-2007: 48; doctoral theses: 16; habilitations: 4.

Societies, editorial activities

Member of Österreichische Gesellschaft für Meteorologie, Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft. American Meteorological Society. Corresponding member (elected 1992) of Austrian Academy of Sciences. Member of editorial board of scientific journals, for example Meteorologische Zeitschrift (Editor-in-Chief 2002-2006). Member of editorial board of book series Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library.


Honorary member (2000) of Hungarian Meteorological Society (Magyar Meteorológiai Társaság). Golden Julius von Hann-Medal 2009 of Österreichische Gesellschaft für Meteorologie. Reinhard Süring–Plakette 2013 of Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft.

Selected publications (reviewed and books)

M. Hantel (1974): On the display of the atmospheric circulation with streamfunctions. Monthly Weather Review102, 649-661.

M. Hantel (1987): Subsynoptic Vertical Heat Fluxes from High-Resolution Synoptic Budgets. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics36, 24-44.

M. Hantel and L. Haimberger (1998): Diagnosing Deep Convection from Global Analyses. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics67, 135-152.

M. Hantel, M. Ehrendorfer and A. Haslinger (2000): Climate Sensitivity of Snow Cover Duration in Austria, International Journal of Climatology20, 615–640.

M. Hantel (Editor + 24 authors, 2005): Observed Global Climate. Vol. 6 of Group V (Geophysics) of: Landolt-Börnstein, Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology, New Series. Springer-Verlag Berlin/Heidelberg/New York, pp. XXI+567+DVD.

M. Hantel and M. Steinheimer (2007): A consistent vertical Bowen ratio profile in the planetary boundary layer. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society132, 2459-2474.

M. Hantel, C. Maurer and D. Mayer (2012): The snowline climate of the Alps 1961-2010. Theoretical and Applied Climatology 110, 517-537.

M. Hantel (2013): Lehrbuch Einführung Theoretische Meteorologie, Springer-Spektrum, Springer-Verlag Berlin/Heidelberg, 430 pp.

M. Hantel und L. Haimberger (2016): Lehrbuch 'Grundkurs Klima', Springer-Spektrum, Springer-Verlag Berlin/Heidelberg, 404 pp.

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