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Curriculum vitae

Albert Hackl, born 1928 in Vienna, is an Austrian citizen, widower, 1 son. Study of chemical engineering combined with fuel technology and combustion/gas techniques at Vienna University of Technology, 1960 doctor’s degree. 1969 Assistant Professor for Unit Operations at Vienna University of Technology, 1973 Professor for this discipline. 1969 till 1971 study of law at Vienna University. 1987 appointed Dr.Ing.h.c. of the Technical University of Dresden.

Main fields in research and teaching

After more than a decade of research and teaching in thermal and mechanical unit operations, forest disease and the first oil shock in 1973 created environmental protection and its relevant techniques as most important. According to his fuel/gas-oriented studies his research and teaching concerned from then on environmental protection problems and techniques, since 1985 including greenhouse-gases.

Scientific service activities

On the basis of his specific studies on annual contacts with Japanese scientific and technical experts as well as information visits in the USA and Japan he introduced flue gas-desulfurisation and later SCR-technique for NOx-emission reduction for implementation in Austrian thermal power stations and the last one for Dioxin/Furane-destruction in waste incineration-plants.

Functions and memberships p.e.

Chairman of the CO2-Commission for consulting the Austrian Government
Chairman of the scientific committee for legal emission-standards for SO2 and NOx
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for waste management at BMfUJF
Chairman of the Academy for Energy and Environment of Lower Austrian
Chairman of the Interdisciplinary Commission for the Environment of the Techn. University of Vienna
Chairman of the working group Clean Air of the Austrian Institute of Standards
Vice-chairman of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Mineral Oil
Austrian Delegate for Working Group of Abatement Techniques of ECE in Geneva
Speaker of the Austrian Delegation to Japan to prove State of the art of SCR-techniques
Member of the Board of the European Research Centre for Clean Air in Strasburg/Karlsruhe
Member of the Commission of Climate and Air Quality of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
Member of the Scientific Board for Environmental Problems of the province of Vienna
Official senior-expert for combustion techniques and flue gas cleaning for the Austrian waste incineration-plants and for thermal power plants
Senior expert officially delegated to advise authorities in Paris and Zagreb for implementation of flue gas cleaning systems in industrial plants


1970 Theodor Körner Award
1990 Grand Medal for meritorious Service to the province of Lower Austria
1991 Honorary Member of Academy for the Environment and Energy of the province of Lower Austria
1996 Golden Medal for meritorious Service to the province of Vienna
Golden Medal of the Filtration Society of England
1997 Austrian Cross of Science and Art 1.Class
2010 Award of Merit of the Province of Lower Austria for Scientific Research in Museums


More than 200 publications concerning thermal and mechanical unit operations, flue gas cleaning, and greenhouse gas problems, published in the relevant German, English, French and Czech literature, editor of two series of technical books, 4 patents.

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