Doz. Helmut Lammer

Group Leader

T +43 (316) 4120 - 641
Room 2.c.1

Research Interests

  • Planetary aeronomy
  • Formation of exospheres and escape processes
  • Evolution of atmospheres and habitability
  • Exoplanet environment characterization

Career Summary

since 1991    at Institut für Weltraumforschung, ÖAW, Austria
since 2002    Group Leader, Institut für Weltraumforschung, ÖAW, Austria
since 2014    Lecturer in Astrophysics, University of Graz, Austria


Refereed Articles: 333 (First Author: 51, Books: 3)
Citations in ADS: 12845 (Hirsch Index: 60)

Editorial Boards

since 2001    Editor, Astrobiology (Mary Ann Libert Publ.)
since 2002    Member Editorial Board, Int. Journal of Astrobiology
2007-2009   Associate Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research