Do, 08.11.2018 0:00

Efficiency of empirical, adaptive and GMHD magnetospheric magnetic field models

Ein Vortrag von Marina Kubyshkina (St. Petersburg State University, Russland) im Rahmen der IWF-Seminarreihe Herbst/Winter 2018/19

On basis of a 7 days period 20-26 June, 2015, with a strong magnetic storm in the middle of it, we analyze the relative efficiency of different models, which are available nowadays to study the magnetic field variations in the near Earth magnetosphere at different activity levels. We calculate the relative and absolute errors, correlation coefficients, prediction efficiency of 3 standard Tsyganenko models (T96, TS05 and TA15), of an adaptive model (AM03), and of GMHD model, produced for these 7 days. As a result, we get the confirmation of a fact that all 5 models including GMHD give errors in the same range, though T96 produces larger errors, especially during the disturbed (main and recovery phase) periods. We also analyze the spatial errors distribution, the error dependence on IMF components and the differences in mapping with different models from midday and midnight points at 6.6 Re.



Marina Kubyshkina
St. Petersburg State University, Russland

8. November 2018, 14.00 Uhr

Vortragssaal U.a.4, Untergeschoss