Vorträge 11.09.2019, Göteborg
Mahshid Sotoudeh, Niklas Gudowsky-Blatakes:
Transdisciplinary agenda setting for research and innovation
ITD 2019 – International Trandisciplinary Conference 2019
Vorträge 09.09.2019, Mödling
Jaro Krieger-Lamina:
IT-Sicherheit und Schutz der Privatsphäre
Young Science Botschafter
Vorträge 05.09.2019, Shanghai
André Gazsó:
Technology Assessment of Advanced Nanomaterials and their Role in Circular Economy.
2019 International Roundtable of NanoScience and NanoTechnology
Vorträge 30.08.2019, London
Niklas Gudowsky-Blatakes:
Creative methodologies for researching the socio-spatial impact of augmented urban futures.
Royal Geographical Society – Institute of British Geographers Annual International Conference 2019
Vorträge 30.08.2019, London
Gregor Konicar:
Vorträge 19.08.2019, Traiskirchen
André Gazsó:
Risikoanalyse im Krisen- und Katastrophenmanagement
SKKM - Staatliches Krisen- und Katastrophenmanagement Modul 4 "Risikoanalyse"
Vorträge 08.07.2019, Oslo
Karen Kastenhofer:
Should we stay or should we go now? Introduction to an open workshop with examples from the histories, philosophies, and sociologies of systems biology
ISHPSSB conference
Vorträge 18.06.2019, Vienna
André Gazsó:
Nanosafety Research
1st Joint Gov4Nano-SAFERA workshop Vienna
Vorträge 17.06.2019, Trondheim
Michael Ornetzeder, Gloria Elisabeth Rose:
Temporary housing projects as experimental niches for sustainable innovation
The 8th Nordic Geographers Meeting in Trondheim
Vorträge 14.06.2019, Tampere
Michael Ornetzeder:
How the Passive House transformed the building sector in Austria
Nordic STS Conference