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A new ITA-Dossier sheds light on solutions for future power grids

An increasing demand and the integration of renewable energies pose serious challenges for our power system. If we don’t make our energy system more efficient today – ie by integrating intelligent control systems – we will have to face a costly network expansion in a few years. The new ITA-Dossier (available only in German) talks about possible solutions and options for the future and presents the conclusions of the ITA-project “Smart Response”.

The ITA-Dossiers present the lates findings and conclusions of ITA-projects. On only two pages, they offer interdisciplinary research results to interested readers, political decision-makers and the media. Two earlier Dossiers dealt with the effects of the Web 2.0 on science and technology controversies.


ITA-Dossiers (download list)

Smart Response

Topic: Smart Grids

By: Denise Riedlinger

Storing electricity and using it at a later point - intelligent control systems make this possible.