Signposts into the future

Citizens and experts work together on defining visions for a better tomorrow: CIVISTI, a new participation method, makes this kind of collaboration possible. Niklas Gudowsky tells us more in this current ITA dosser.

What should the city of the future be like? How would we like to live in the year 2050? What will we eat? Citizens of Vienna answered these and other questions as part of the project “Leben 2050”. The city government supports the process and hopes to gain better insight into people’s needs and wishes for future developments.

The CIVISTI method was developed as part of an EU-wide project. Leben2050 is just one example of how it can be applied: “CIVISTI is a qualitative method. The results aren’t statistically reliable, but they are socially robust. They are signposts for future policies”, says Gudowsky, who just recently published the ITA dossier “CIVISTI – Signposts into the future”.

You can download the dossier here shortly. (English version available soon)

Only 2 pages long, our series „ITA Dossiers“ offers you a compact overview of current TA topics and ITA projects and compiles recommendations to policy makers. For a full list of all published dossiers click here.

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By: Denise Riedlinger

In workshops, citizens of vienna created their visions for a better future. The 10 most popular suggestions were then developed into concrete recommendations for the city government. (Photo: Walter Eibensteiner/Innovendo)