Better together

The project CIMULACT shows how it can be done: Need-oriented research with citizen participation for social and sustainable results.

Research, technology and innovation (FTI) are expected to make an increasing contribution to solving problems facing society. These include areas such as smart city, health & ageing, data security and autonomous driving.

The CIMULACT project brought together more than 4,500 citizens, experts, decision-makers and interest groups across Europe in an intensive joint process. The aim is to better integrate EU-funded research and social needs. The participants of numerous workshops developed 48 research topics. In the next step, two of them will illustrate the large number and diversity of topics. They are consciously set out as challenges to help researchers and innovators understand and solve them better.

Recommendation for research funding

The inclusive approach is a valuable addition to the usual programming procedures. Participation needs method and experience. Standardised methods with room for adaptation to local conditions offer security and reliable results.

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Download the ITA-Dossier as pdf-file here: ITA dossier-027

ITA project page: CIMULACT

CIMULACT website:

By: Thomas Bayer

In workshops, experts and citizens discussed current topics (Photo: CIMULACT)