What are the technology topics of the future?

The ITA's first monitoring report for the Austrian Parliament is available online

Artificial intelligence, blockchains, synthetic foods and virtual realities - those are the four topics selected by the ITA together with its partner, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, for their first monitoring report for the Austrian Parliament.

The report looks at  30 socio-technical trends and their possible effects with regards to Austria. Up until 2020, the ITA and AIT will publish a bi-annual report, to support the Austrian Parliament in devising research and innovation policies."We hope to be able to identify the central issues of our time and to deliver a basis on which all levels of Parliament can build future strategies.", says the ITA's director, Michael Nentwich.

For more information and to download the PDF, please visit the website of the Austrian Parliament. Please note, the report is available in German only.

By: Denise Riedlinger

Teeth replacements, implants and artificial limbs straight out of the 3-D printer (Photo: CC0 Public Domain)