Smart Living

The ITA project „Autonomous Living in Vienna“ captures the ideas of Vienna’s citizens for a more independent ageing. In 2014, the final recommendations will be made available for an online-vote at

Innovations such as emergency call systems, internet or mobile phones can make life easier for the elderly. But what if the handling is simply too complicated to understand for a certain age group? And what about matters of privacy?

Vienna in the year 2050

“Autonomous Living in Vienna” will try to develop a frame-work for Ambient Assisted Living in the year 2050. Citizens of all age groups will voice their wishes and concerns in workshops. Sience and technology experts will turn the outcome into recommendations for research and politics. The final draft will be brought to an online-vote, to find out which issues concern the broad public.

Working with CIVISTI

The CIVISTI method, co-developed by the ITA, will help stakeholders such as elderly citizens, health care professionals, companies and familiy members to draw a picture for the future. The focus lies on multidisciplinarity and citizens’ response. The project is coordinated by Innovendo, a policy advisor for Ambient Assisted Living.


Civisti AAL (German)

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By: Denise Riedlinger

CIVISTI-AAL will give citizens of all age groups a platform to voice their wishes and concerns. By 2050, many of the younger participants will be users themselves.