Housing & New Media

The implementation of new media in the housing sector

This project was financed by the Austrian Ministry of Economic Affairs (Directorate of Housing Research) and by three large non-profit housing associations.


It examined some basic aspects of the use of new media with respect to the information of and communication with new and old customers as well as with maintenance firms. The basic technical alternatives were discussed on the one hand and the possible social and organisational problems and obstacles during the implementation phase on the other. Although based on empirical data from the three associations, the questions were dealt with at the conceptual and systemic level with a view to generalisation. In particular, the project asked crucial questions on technological alternatives, legal aspects, and organisational analysis. A questionnaire sent to the customers of the three associations explored the attitudes towards the new media and their potential.

The customers appreciated the report and some of the recommendations were put into practice shortly after publication. The national body of non-profit housing associations sent it to all 200 member-organisations.

04/1998 - 10/1998