EPTA Energy

Energy Transition in Austria

Our energy system is in transition. Renewable energies are expected to cut emissions. We examined what Austria is doing to bring about this change.

As part of this joint project within the framework of the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment network (EPTA network), the ITA prepared an Overview of Energy Transition in Austria.

Presentation at Energy Conference in Oslo

In cooperation with the Austrian Energy Agency, the ITA collected data about Austrian energy production and consumption. It also evaluated possible options for a change to renewable energies and lower emissions. The ITA’s report on Austria was presented as part of a cooperative energy overview of EPTA member countries at the EPTA conference on European Energy Systems in Transition in October 2006. The conference was organised in cooperation with the Norwegian Parliament in Oslo.

  • A number of important questions were addressed by both experts and parliamentarians:
  • How can parliaments help the transition to low-fossil systems?
  • Renewable energy – what difference can it make?
  • Nuclear energy – can we do without it?
  • Will clean fossils be clean enough?
Solar power plants raise high hopes for clean energy