Bionics Potentials in Austria

Nature is the inspiration for this branch of research

The notion of bionics relates to research and development activities that are inspired by nature. Who does what in this area in Austria?

The term bionics covers a vast field of activity. Applications can be found not only in energy efficiency, pharmaceuticals or design, they are also found in the fields of architecture, traffic, stability of materials, organisational principles and even earthquake protection.

This project aimed to identify the potential for Austrian research and development in this field. It identified and introduced the companies and research groups, at universities and other research institutions, that are working in this area. An analysis of their strengths on which future projects could be based was included.

In addition we provided an overview of international technology policies with a particular focus on Germany and other EU member states. This included identifying strategies to increase visibility and to attract further sources of funding.

Model for the first german submarine, the "Steinhuder Luce"
Model for the first german submarine, the "Steinhuder Luce"
06/2006 - 08/2006