Worldwide Views on Biodiversity

Citizen participation live – the results of the worldwide discussions have been published online

Appositely for the UN Biodiversity Decade, the citizen participation project Worldwide Views conducted by Denmark this year addressed the question of biodiversity. The concept is impressive: On a single day, citizens from 25 countries including China, the USA, the Dominican Republic and Japan discussed selected questions. The results of the discussions were collected in a globally accessible database and serve amongst other things as valuable indicators about the level of knowledge on the topic in each region.

Answers to the questions by those concerned

The project, coordinated by Denmark, took place on 15 September 2012 at the same clock time, i.e. at the beginning of their discussion, the participants from the USA were able to call up opinions from Japan. The 100 participants in each country, selected by qualified institutes, were required to be interested in biodiversity and were not permitted to have professional links to the fields of politics and technology. They first of all received an official information package and then discussed various topics presented via video. At the end of each discussion, the recommendations of the group were collected and published.

The ITA contributed to the development of methods for WWViews on global warming (2009) and conducted the Austrian WWViews event. The recommendations were then communicated to the Ministry of the Environment.


ITA-Project WWViews on Global Warming

Official WWViews Website

By: Denise Riedlinger

A global citizens poll helped re-evaulate important questions on biodiversity