TA18 Conference: Looking into the mirror

Opinions are based on core values. They also serve as a basis for making recommendations in scientific work especially when new technologies change society. This year, this base will be examined in detail.

The aim of technology assessment (TA) is to avoid negative consequences and promote positive ones. But what are the positive and negative consequences, and for whom? What criteria should TA use to evaluate this? Which standards apply here? And can TA remain neutral?

“What at first appears to be self-evident or no longer in need of discussion is often a minefield in practice” says Helge Torgersen, a molecular biologist, member of the ITA team since 1990 and coordinator of the conference. “The TA18 aims to provide a little clarity here by illuminating the difficult topic of normativity and TA from different perspectives.”

Two high-ranking experts were invited as keynote speakers: Pierre Delvenne from the Department of Political Science at the University of Liège and Regine Kollek from the Center for Bio-Governance at the University of Hamburg.

The TA18 conference will take place again this year on June 11 in the main building of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

TA18 (german language only)

Helge Torgersen

By: Thomas Bayer

Full house at the keynote of the TA17 (Photo: Peissl, ITA)