Sustainability and nanotechnologies

The 11th NanoTrust conference took place on October 30th in Vienna and was dedicated to the topic Advanced Materials and Circular Economy.

For over a decade now ITA researchers are looking into risks and opportunities surrounding nanotechnologies within the NanoTrust project. This year's NanoTrust conference was dedicated to the topic Advanced Materials and Circular Economy.

Environmental aspects and recycling of nanomaterials

Can Circular Economy concepts provide solutions? What can nanotechnologies and advanced materials contribute in the areas of energy, chemical production or imaging processes? What are the potential risks involved? Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) must be accompanied by questions regarding environmental and health issues.

In a session about „Eco-waste and life cycle analysis“, possible early stage risk management solutions for potential negative impacts on waste and drainage systems were discussed. An emphasis was placed on the roles which actors outside of the waste management system must also play, particularly within the developing stage of new products.

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By: Denise Riedlinger

The 11th NanoTrust Conference took place in cooperation with the King Mongkut’s University for Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) of Thailand. Austrian and Thai nano experts were given the opportunity to initiate and intensify collaborations in the areas of science and education, in continuance of the communication efforts initiated during the project team’s participation at the Asian Nano Forum in 2017. (Photo: Werner Kabelka/ITA)