18th Annual Conference questions objectivity

When researching about technologies which are changing our society, is it at all possible to remain "neutral"? Which intentions are behind the results of technology assessment? And why do people still believe that search engines deliver objective results?

The 18th annual conference of the ITA, which took place on 11 June at the Austrian Academy of Science in Vienna, looked at the challenge of normativity in technology assessment. While keynote speaker Pierre Delvenne (University of Liège) suggested that technology assessment is not, and never was objective, conference organizer Helge Torgersen of the ITA sees it slightly different: "We are talking about basic principles which date back to the age of enlightenment: Facts instead of fake news, rationale instead of populism - all these principles can and should exist outside of the political spectrum. It depends on researchers how they are being applied.

Read more in our full summary of the conference here (German).

By: Denise Riedlinger

FLTR: Keynote speakers Armin Grunwald (TAB/Berlin), Regine Kollek (University of Hamburg), Pierre Delvenne (University of Liège) and ITA director Michael Nentwich