Gloria Rose


Gloria Rose holds a master’s degree in Human Ecology and is currently employed as a Junior Scientist in projects concerning nanotechnology and sustainable cities.


Gloria studied Biology (MSc) and Prehistory and Early History (BA) at the University of Vienna. She completed her master’s study of Anthropology within the field of Human Ecology, having written her master’s thesis titled "Attitude-Behaviour-Gap of Biology Students in Vienna Regarding Energy Behavior in the Household".


After having concluded an internship at the ITA on the topic of Industry 4.0, Gloria Rose is currently working on the NanoTrust project, mainly concerned with the state of knowledge on potential health and environmental risks of nanotechnology and knowledge communication. She is currently also examining the use of information and communication technologies in the healthcare sector of the city of Vienna within the SmartCare project. Within the project Pop-Up Housing she regards temporary housing as spaces for innovative sustainability.

Past projects include the EDEM project, dedicated to examining experiences had with the employment of digital tools in the areas of participative and direct democracy; Robotics in Austria, which summarized the current status of robotics in Austria; and SafeNanoKap, examining the applicability of the safe-by-design concept in context of development of nanomaterials and -products.



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