Daniela Fuchs


Having completed her studies in Human Ecology, Daniela Fuchs began working as Junior Scientist in the field of nanotechnology at the Institute of Technology Assessment in April 2014.

Education and Career

Daniela Fuchs studied Biology with a focus on Human Ecology at the University of Vienna and the Free University of Brussels, as well as History at the University in Vienna. In her master thesis (MSc) she analysed the possible application of green design principles to, and the importance of sustainability issues for nanotechnologies in selected research facilities in Austria and Germany.

After several internships in different fields of technology assessment and some freelance work in the area of life quality research at the Sustainability European Research Institute (SERI) in Vienna, she currently works on the ITA project  NanoTrust. Here, she analysed the integration and distribution of knowledge on nano issues as well as the quality of science communication within the complex field of nanotechnologies. Currently she investigates issues of public and stakeholder engagement in context of new and emerging technologies (neuroenhancement, synthetic biology). 

Tel.: +43 (0)1 515 81-6597
Fax: (+43-1-) 515 81-6570
Apostelgasse 23, 1030 Wien