Elise Richter Programme

ITA member Doris Allhutter awarded science fund fellowship for project on software development

ITA member Doris Allhutter has been awarded a four-year science fund (FWF) fellowship within the framework of the Elise Richter senior post-doc programme for her current project on "Material-discursive performativity in software design: a sociopolitical approach."

Doris Allhutter has a doctorate in political science. She has been a postdoctoral researcher at the ITA in the field of e-government since 2008. From 2013, she will research the topic of her postdoctoral teaching qualification, software development as a socio-technological process, as Elise Richter fellow at the ITA.

Project description

"The collaborative development of information systems can be regarded as a sociotechnical practice in which technical and social aspects are related to each other. Development practices, for instance, are guided by implicit assumptions about the future use contexts. Systems are created in specific research and development contexts and are accordingly the result of social negotiation processes, discursive meaning production and the material relations within which they emerge. In this sense, sociotechnical practices are embedded in and create social power relationships.

On the basis of a critical theory of this practice, a sociopolitical approach to software development will be drawn up within the framework of the Elise Richter project. In science research, the demand to intervene in practices of technology development is increasingly being raised. A further aim of the project is therefore to conceptualise and apply in selected development contexts a design approach that focuses on the interlaced creation of information systems and social hegemonies."


Doris Allhutter

By: Denise Riedlinger

Doris Allhutter's current research focus is software development as a socio-technological development process