We warmly welcome Professor Hooshmand Alizadeh as a visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for Urban and Regional Research!

Hooshmand Alizadeh is an Associate Professor of Urban Design at the University of Kurdistan, Iran. As an academic member at the Department of Urban Planning and Design, he headed this department in the period 2006-2016. Since 2015, he has been Vice-Dean for Research at the Faculty of Art and Architecture,University of Kurdistan. He holds a Master of Arts in the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, Iran and was awarded from Newcastle University, UK a PhD on The design principles of traditional urban cores in Iran. He mainly focuses on Public Spaces, Kurdish/Iranian Cities, Urban Form, and Urban Sustainability. His current project is 'A cross-cultural comparative study of women's interaction with public space in Iran and Iraq and a selection of European cities. The main approach consists of examining the women's spatiality, particularly the extent of their interactions with public spaces. For further information, you can see the following link which contained his publications.

The three months research stay at ISR is funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences under the OeAW Incoming Fellowship. He aims to prepare a research proposal concerns his new project.