Mathematik und Signalverarbeitung in der Akustik

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Academic Background

Luis Alberto Escudero obtained his degree of "Licenciado en Matemática" from the University of Buenos Aires (2018) which is equivalent to an MSc in Pure Mathematics.
He graduated with his MSc thesis entitled "Hearing the shape of a triangle" in which some possible answers are exhibited for the famous question of Marc Kac "Can you hear the shape of a drum?" taking into account domains with polygonal boundary. Beyond being a student at UBA, he worked as a teaching assistant in the staff of that university.
He is actually doing his PhD in Mathematics under supervision of Doz. Dr. José Luis Romero

Current Research

His research interests include spectral theory, time-frequency and time-scale analysis, harmonic analysis, and partial differential equations.



  • Escudero, L. A.; Haimi, A.; Romero, J. L. Multiple sampling and interpolation in weighted Fock spaces of entire functions. Complex Analysis and Operator Theory.
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