In certain measurement setups, such as the measurement of gear mechanism behavior undergoing load reversal, the fine structure of the rotation speed function within a single rotation is interesting. In these situations, measurement errors caused by irregular cog intervals or by other failures of cogwheels are disturbing and must be corrected.


From a reference signal, the distribution parameter of the rotation angle for each cog of the cogwheel is assigned as a cogwheel model. This cogwheel model can minimize the measurement failures caused by the cogwheel if its cog is implemented in synch with the measurement signal. If the reference signal and the measurement signal come from different measurements, the synchronicity has to be established first. The calculation of the shift between the two signals is determined by the cog index, which has the maximum correlation of the rotation angle allocation between the reference signal and the measurement signal.


The developed method will be used as a module in the acoustic measurement and analysis system PAK.