Workshop: Encounters Across Difference: Anthropological Frameworks

Keynotes: Sarah Green (University of Helsinki), Andreas Dafinger (CEU)

Programm [PDF]

This workshop explores theoretical and methodological nuances in framing complex social situations, where multiple social actors engaging with different traditions of knowledge interact with each other. Our main goal is to gain insight on these nuances to further develop a theoretical- methodological approach to the study of the interactions between different traditions of knowledge through the various ways in which subjects and objects locate, mobilize and evoke difference through worldviews, conceptions, affects, moods, dispositions, according to context. Our emphasis is on how knowledge embedded in multiple intertwined global connections and socio-historical and political contexts affect each other and the subjects involved, or on what we call “encounters”.





Montag, 2. Dezember 2019, 09.00-17.00

ÖAW, Institut für Sozialanthropologie
A-1020 Wien, Hollandstrasse 11-13