Do, 05.12.2019. 17:00

ROR-n Lecture: Fazil Moradi

The World is at stake: Revolutions, Wars, Pregnant Mother/s

Einladung [PDF]

The question of forced migration of pregnant mothers at times of revolutions and wars or political violence has been with me for many years. It is what I try to address myself to. Whether human collective, as a society or otherwise, knows what modernity’s political violence does to pregnant mothers or how to appreciate the mother’s acts of love/hospitality towards the life that is yet to be born remains to be an open question. This anthropological observation is engaged with the possibility of the entanglement of the modern nation and mothers, how the nation does not teach us love, and that loving and living with others, with each other is yet to be preferred to killings or being killed by others. This way of thinking human biographies, histories and existence, opens up the possibility of accessing the ethical as well as political that are everyday experiences worldwide. At the same time, it inevitably closes down how pregnant mothers escaping political violence live with and host others within their own human bodies. This is how I come to find myself entangled in encounters with my mother thirty-eight years after she gave birth to me, while escaping revolution and war in Iran. And how love and hospitality are thoroughly intertwined and connect bell hooks in America and my mother in Sweden. As such I move beyond historically contingent boundaries of the modern state to show how bell hooks and my mother were both made foreigners in their respective places of birth before my own birth, how they care about ecology and ecology of knowledges, and how they talk of love of hospitality beyond borders.

Fazil Moradi is a fellow of Law, Organization, Science and Technology Research Network (LOST), in Germany and South Africa and Sci-Tech Asia in Hong Kong. He has been a researcher of the International Max Planck Research School on Retaliation, Mediation and Punishment, and taught at the University of Halle-Wittenberg in Germany. As a writing fellow at Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study, in South Africa, Moradi is working on a monograph entitled Hospitality and Translation: Writing Memories and Violence in Kurdistan into World Histories.




Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2019, 17.00

ÖAW, Institut für Sozialanthropologie
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