Genetische Verantwortung und Remoteness in Europa und Südasien

This project compares the 'biosocial' struggle with inherited blood disorders in Europe and the Maldives from a medical-anthropological perspective. It links the Maldives-focused core-funded project "Genetic Responsibility and Remoteness" to the EU-funded “THALassemia In Action” (THALIA) project of the Thalassemia International Federation (TIF).
Over the last few years an increase in migratory movements and flight of people from regions in which hemoglobin pathologies (mainly thalassaemias and sickle cell disease) are prevalent challenges European health systems. This project examines if and how genetic responsibility and remoteness are interrelated in two different localities, how this tension is spatially, institutionally and socially anchored, and how different actors aim in theoretical and practical respects to improve the respective situation of (island or migration-related) 'remoteness' (Ardener 1987).