Ulfatbek Abdurasulov

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Ulfatbek Abdurasulov currently is post-doc research fellow of the Institute of Iranian Studies at the Austrian Academy of Sciences within the framework of the the START Project Seeing Like an Archive: Documents and Forms of Governance in Islamic Central Asia (18–19th Centuries), funded by FWF Der Wissenschaftsfonds. Previously, in 2000–2014 Dr Abdurasulov worked as a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of History, the Uzbek Academy of Sciences wherein in 2008 he defended his PHD dissertation in History. In 2011–2014 he had been a Research Fellow of VolkswagenStiftung Project ”The Archives Talk”. His main interests lie in the area of the Islamic Central Asia, the Imperial and Colonial Studies as well as the History of Oriental Studies in the USSR.


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  • Islamic Central Asia (18th – Early 20th Centuries);
  • Imperial and Colonial Studies;
  • Islamic Justice, Conflict Resolution,
  • Oriental Studies in Soviet Uzbekistan

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Ausgewählte Publikationen

  • The Aral Region and Geopolitical Agenda of the Early Qongrats, in Eurasian Studies, 13/1-2 (2017), 3-36.
  • Take Me to Khiva: Sharīʿa as Governance in the Oasis of Khorezm (19th-Early 20th Centuries), Islamic Law and Society, 24:1-2 (2017), 20-60  (co-authored with Paolo Sartori).
  • The Politics of Ambiguity: What Does It Mean to Be a Russian Protectorate?,  Ab Imperio, 3 (2016):  118-164  (co-authored with Paolo Sartori).
  • Ol’ga Chekhovich: Two Facets of a Soviet Academic, Iranian Studies, 48/5, (2015): 785–804.
  • Atāʾī-Mulk and Yārlīqlī-Mulk: Features of Land Tenure in Khiva, Der Islam 88/2,  (2012): 308–323.
  • Pravovaia i fiskal’naia dinamika zemlevladeniia v Khorezme (XIX – nachalo XX v.), Восток-ORIENS, 4 (Moscow, 2015): 32-46.
  • Tainy khivinskogo dvora’: Politicheskaya bor’ba v Khive v period Rossiiskogo protektorata. Vostok Svyshe, 3 (Tashkent, 2015): 38-65.
  • V Khivu v poiskakh spravedlivosti: tceremoniia ‘arzdod’ v Khivinskom khanstve, O‘zbekiston tarixi, 2 (Tashkent, 2015): 27-39
  • Potomki otceniat eti mysli i vyvodi”: Е.А. Davidovich i O.D. Chekhovich v lichnoi perepiske, Vostok Svyshe,  1 (Tashkent, 2015): 74–81.


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