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Cultural Change in Iran and Iranianate Societies

International Symposium - September 09-11, 2013
convenor: Institute of Iranian Studies
September 9-10, 2013
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Sonnenfelsgasse 19 (Theatersaal), 1010 Vienna
September 11, 2013
Institute of Iranian Studies, Apostelgasse 23 (Seminar room, ground floor), 1030 Vienna


Monday, 9 September 2013
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Theatersaal

09:00 Opening address
Florian Schwarz (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
09:30–12:30 Christoph Werner (University of Marburg):
What constitutes a vaqf? Legal aspects of foundations in Iran from the Qajar to the Pahlavi era and beyond
Zahir Bhalloo (University of Oxford):
A legal controversy over the ḥukm in the absence of the defendant in early Qajar Iran, c.1231/1816
Paolo Sartori (Austrian Academy of Sciences):

How not to write a fatwa in early 20th century Samarkand
Gijs Kruijtzer (University of Vienna):

Strategy and consciousness in the circumvention of the proscriptions of images and sodomy
14:00–18:00 Towfiq Da’adli (Hebrew University Jerusalem):
Representation of power at the court of the Timurid Sultan Husayn Bayqara.
Ebba Koch (Austrian Academy of Sciences and University of Vienna):
The wooden audience halls of Shah Jahan: sources and reconstruction
Sussan Babaie (The Courtauld Institute of Art, London):
Kalat-e Naderi and the taste for India
Negar Habibi (University of Aix-Marseille):
Farangi Sāzi
: the European world in Persian painting?
Alexandre Tourovets (University of Louvain-la-Neuve):
The architecture of Persepolis and the problems of its representation.  Between pictorial interpretations and incomplete architectural descriptions
Iván Szántó (Austrian Academy of Sciences):
Fact and fiction in 19th-century Iranian depictions of national heritage


Tuesday, 10 September 2013
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Theatersaal

09:30–13:00 Alexander Lubotsky (University of Leiden): On Reconstruction of the Alanic lexicon in a comparative and historical perspective
Karin Stüber/Thomas Zehnder (University of Zurich): On the syntax of the Old Persian infinitive
Amr Taher Ahmed (Austrian Academy of Sciences): At the source of quantitative Kurdish metrics (ʿarūḍ)
Anna Krasnowolska (University of Cracow): Conscious authorship in early Persian epics
Christine Allison (University of Exeter): Is there a future for folklore studies?

14:00–17:00 Stephan Popp (Austrian Academy of Sciences): Rhetoric and the representation of Shah Jahan in Qazvīnī’s Bādshāhnāma
Roxane Haag-Higuchi (University of Bamberg): Nationalism in Persian poetry of the early 20th century
Christine van Ruymbeke (University of Cambridge): Cold case: revisiting the condemnation of Anvar‑e Sohayli in traditional Western and Iranian scholarship
Theo Beers (University of Chicago): The Persian taẕkirahs, the poetic canon(s), and the Tuḥfah-i Sāmī

17:00 Keynote speech: Robert McChesney (New York University): The hazards of history-writing

Wednesday, 11 September 2013
Institute of Iranian Studies

09:30–12:30 Martin Kümmel (University of Jena):
Iranian and Indo-Iranian: working on a grammar of Proto-Indo-Iranian
José Luis Garcia Ramón (University of Cologne): Old Iranian names and epithets in Indo-Iranian and Indo-European comparison
Velizar Sadovski (Austrian Academy of Sciences): Indo-Iranian poetry and ritual structures: Evidence from the Veda and Avesta
Martin Schwartz (University of California, Berkeley): Spatiality and self-reference in the Gathas

14:00–18:00 Nile Green (University of California, Los Angeles): The Hajj as its own undoing: Persian pilgrims, steam travel & the retraction of Muslim space
Christine Nölle-Karimi (Austrian Academy of Sciences): Gaps in the terrain: territorial configurations and literary spaces in 19th-century travelogues
Bert Fragner (Austrian Academy of Sciences): Standardized “national cuisine” in the Iranianate world – a marker of modernity?
Giorgio Rota (Austrian Academy of Sciences): An overview of the diplomatic relations between “Austria” and Persia, 1460–1700
Sibylle Wentker (Austrian Academy of Sciences): From interest to institution. The development of Austrian-Iranian relations in the 19th century
Rudi Matthee (University of Delaware): From admiration to condescension: Western view of Iran from the Safavids to the Qajars


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