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Multilingualism and History of Knowledge in Asia from Antiquity till Early Modern Times

Interdisciplinary Conference
Institut für Iranistik
Seminarraum 2 (Parterre), Apostelgasse 23, 1030 Wien Die Veranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache statt.

  • Jens Braarvig (University of Oslo, Norway)
  • Florentina Badalanova Geller (Exzellenzcluster TOPOI, Freie Universität zu Berlin /
    Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Ger­ma­ny)
  • Ela Filippone (University of Vi­ter­bo, Italy)
  • Bert Fragner (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria)
  • Mark Geller (Freie Universität zu Berlin / Max-Planck-Gesell­schaft, Germany)
  • Olav Hackstein (University of Munich, Germany)
  • Peter-Arnold Mumm (University of Munich, Germany)
  • Oswald Panagl (University of Salzburg, Austria)
  • Antonio Panaino (University of Bologna, Italy)
  • Bernhard Plunger (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
  • Adriano Rossi (L’Orientale University of Naples, Italy)
  • Velizar Sadovski (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria)
  • Rüdiger Schmitt (Laboe, Germany / Foreign Member of the Austrian Academy of Sci­en­ces, Austria)
  • Florian Schwarz (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria)
  • Gebhard Selz (University of Vienna)
  • Klaus Wagensonner (University of Vienna)
(preliminary programme)
November 3, 2011
1st Session: General issues
Chair: Mark Geller
Welcome addresses:
9:30–9:45 Schwarz (for the Institute of Iranian Studies)
9:45–10:00 Braarvig (for the project group)
General introduction – Impulse papers on the project
Braarvig, Introduction I: Multilingualism in Buddhist context: typological and methodo­lo­g­­i­c­­al reflections
10:30–11:00 Panagl, Introduction II: Heuristic Thoughts on Multilingualism
11:00–11:30 Coffee break
2nd session: Multilingualism in Ancient Iran, I
Chair: Jens Braarvig
Schmitt, Iranian Personal Names in Egyptian Texts: A Work-in-Progress-Report
12:15–13:00 Rossi, Do Persepolis tablet subscripts prove a mul­tilingual practice in the Achaemenid chan­cel­lery?
13:00–14:30 Lunch break
3rd Session: Multilingualism in Ancient Iran, II
Chair: Oswald Panagl
Filippone, Translation strategies in the Achae­me­nid royal texts
15:15–16:00 Sadovski, Language and cultural inter­ferences in Ancient and Early Mediaeval Iranian civilizations
16:00–16:20 Coffee break
Transfer to the main building of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
Book Presentation
Rüdiger Schmitt: Iranische Personennamen in der griechischen Literatur vor Alexander d. Gr.
‘Clubraum’ of the Austrian Academy of Sciences,
Dr.-Ignaz-Seipel-Platz 2 (ground floor), 1010 Vienna
November 4, 2011
4th Session: Multilingualism in Mesopotamia
Chair: Adriano Rossi
Selz, Mesopotamian multilingual lists at/as the core of Mesopotamian hermeneutics
10:45–11:30 Geller, Multilingualism on the Silk Road: Babylonian Medicine in Chinese?
11:30–12:00 Coffee break
5th Session: Multilingualism in Iran and Central Asia, II
Chair: Bert Fragner
Panaino, Nomina propria Magorum: toward a new interdisciplinary Namenbuch
12:45–13:30 Mumm, Language interference in Iranian: a hi­sto­rical and cognitive look
13:30–15:30 Lunch break
6th Session: Multilingualism in research projects of our partner universities and academies: the Ludwig Maximilian’s University of Munich, the TOPOI excellence cluster at the Freie Universitätand the Max Planck Institute of History of Sci­ence, Berlin
Chair: Olav Hackstein
Hackstein, Quotative constructions in Tocha­ri­an and Indo-Iranian
16:15–16:45 Geller, 'Globalization of Knowledge': The Max Planck Institute of History of Sci­ence projects on Multilingualism and Lin­guae francae.
16:45–17:15 Coffee break
Badalanova Geller, Tiberiad Sea: Cultural Transfer and Text Transmission in Mediaeval Apocryph Tradition
18:00–18:15 Plunger, Greeting address on behalf of the International Department of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
November 5, 2011

7th Session: Multilingualism and "Listenwissen­schaf­ten"
Chair: Florentina Badalanova Geller

Wagensonner, Some Reflections on the Transposition of Sumerian Sound Values into Akkadian, on the material of the Diri lexical list
11:00–11:30 Braarvig, Multilingualism and “Listenwissen­schaf­ten”.
11:30–12:00 Coffee break
13:00–14:30 Lunch break
12:00–13:00: Round Table and General Discussion of Project-Relevant Results
Chair: Antonio Panaino
For all parti­cipants engaged in the project, who wish to join the conclusive discussion
13:00–14:30 Lunch break
Workshop: „Lists, Catalogues, and Classification Systems from Comparative and Historical Point of View”

Chair: Gebhard J. Selz

This workshop is organised in continuation of four previous meetings on problems of “Systematization of universe in form of catalogues and lists in sacred literature and ritual ”, “Achaimenika”, and “Classification as a hermeneutic tool”, held in Athens (2009), Vienna (2009 and 2010), and Marburg (2010).

Participants are encouraged to prepare a short statement (ca. 10 minutes) on current and ongoing projects and publications with relevance to the workshop’s topic . A discussion (ca. 5–10 minutes) will follow after each statement.

Participants with statements (provisory list):
Braarvig, Badalanova Geller, Geller, Panaino, Rossi, Sadovski, Selz.

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