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Dr. Chiara Barbati
Dr. Chiara Barbati
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Chiara Barbati specializes in Ancient and Middle Iranian languages. In September 2009 she defended her PhD dissertation at University of Rome La Sapienza. Her main fields of research are Sogdian language and literature with particular regard to the Christian Sogdian texts in relation to its Syriac sources, history of eastern Christianity through primary sources (Syriac) as well as secondary sources (Sogdian, Middle Persian, New Persian), paleography and codicology of pre-Islamic Iranian manuscripts and Iranian dialectology from an historical point of view. Since December 2013 regular member of the Soziolinguistiches Forum, OeAW,

Since January 2018 she works at the Institute with the FWF Project Scribal habits. A case study from Christian Medieval Central Asia. The project aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of scribal habits and approaches as reflected in the Eastern-Christian Sogdian and Syriac manuscripts discovered in the early 20th century in the Turfan oasis (present-day Xinjiang, China). The methodology combines two main approaches: analysis of all different types of paratextual features, including textual as well as atextual forms of paratext, and of all elements that – according to well-established scientific literature – are due to or related to the scribal practices and palaeography. So far no systematic study has been attempted for this material within these two fields of research. The acquired data will be contextualized by taking into account textual and material aspects, because only a pluridisciplinary approach can provide enhanced information on people who produced and used this material, i.e., on the social milieu from which this material arose.

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