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Austrian Academy of Sciences Press

The Institute of Iranian Studies publishes two monograph series in the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press. “Veröffentlichungen zur Iranistik” is dedicated to monographs and collective volumes on any field of Iranian Studies. ”Iranische Onomastik” is a specialized series on Iranian onomastics and includes also the volumes published by the Iranian Personal Names project. Both series can be ordered directly from the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press.
Both series are edited by Bert Fragner and Florian Schwarz. The subseries “Grammatica Iranica“ is co-edited by Velizar Sadovski.
The editors invite manuscripts or publication proposals for consideration for the series.











New publications
Iranische Personennamen in manichäischer Überlieferung ...

SIMS-WILLIAMS, N., de BLOIS, François:
Studies in the Chronology of the Bactrian Documents ...

TOSHOV, Nuryoghdi:
The Subjugation of the Jamshīdīs ...
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