Civil Aviation in the Cold War


This Lise Meitner project seeks to address two interrelated aims. The first part of this project builds up on my ongoing research on East-West relations in the civil aviation sector between 1944 and 1990 and focuses on the highly complex and inter-twisted relationship between civil aviation, technological globalization and Cold War politics. This section elucidates how the advancement of Soviet civil aircraft engineering during the 1950s technically triggered the globalization of the Cold War and how the processes of technological standardization facilitated transfers of technology and knowledge across the Iron Curtain and the evolution of East-West interconnectedness.

In the second part, the project enlarges its scope and zooms in on the critical nexus between the technology, Cold War and globalization - a subject heavily neglected in the current historiography of the Cold War. To overcome this yawning gap in research, this project aims to call to Vienna a major international conference which should approach the subject at hand from various disciplinary and methodological perspectives.



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mueller

Dr. Peter Svik