Thursday, 21st March 2019

12.00               registration

12.30               welcome & introduction

12.45               keynote lecture: Jonas Frisén (Karolinska Institute)

                           New cells in old brains

13.45               break

Session 1 -Pluripotency, Differentiation & Reprogramming

14.15               Thorsten Boroviak (University of Cambridge)

                         How to build a primate: Towards a synthetic model of primate embryogenesis

14.45               Joshua Brickman (University of Copenhagen)
                          Transcription Factor-Independent Enhancer Decommissioning and Plasticity in Early Differentiation

15.15               Pablo Navarro (Institut Pasteur)
                         Mitotic bookmarking by TFs

15.45               break

16.15               Uli Elling (IMBA)

                         The Genetics of Cell Identity Change

16.45               short talks chosen from abstract

17.25               break

First Author Session

18.00               Jimena Andersen (Stanford University)

                           Generating multi-region assembloids in vitro to study human development and disease

18.20               Huili Hu (Hubrecht Institute)

                         Long-term expansion of 3D hepatocytes organoids

18.40               Gregor Pilz (University of Zurich)
                       Live imaging in the adult mouse hippocampus uncovers cellular principles of adult neurogenesis and points towards stem cell heterogeneity

19.00               Fredrik Salmén (Hubrecht Institute)
                       Single-cell whole transcriptomics with VASA-Seq reveals heterogeneity in snRNA variant expression within the murine HSPC compartment

19.20               Symposium dinner 

Friday, 22nd March 2019

Session 2 -  Germ Lines & Totipotency

09.00               Déborah Bourc'his (Institut Curie)

                        Maternal epigenetic contribution to zygotic genome activation

09.30               Frederic Berger (Gregor Mendel Institute)

                        Reprogramming of H3K27me3 in sperm and its impact after fertilization

10.00               Katsuhiko Hayashi (Kyushu University)

                        A stem cell-based approach to understanding of mammalian oogenesis

10.30               Coffee break (IMP Foyer)

11.00               Juan Vaquerizas (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine)

                        Transposable element-driven reorganisation of 3D chromatin during early embryonic development

11.30               Eva Hoermanseder (Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells)

                        Epigenetic Barriers to Cell Fate Reprogramming

12.00               short talk chosen from abstracts

12.40               Lunch (Cafeteria)

Session 3 - Organoids

14.00               Madeline Lancaster (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology)

                        Advances in brain organoid technologies and their application to human biology

14.30               Nicolas Rivron (Maastricht University)

                        Blastoids: blastocyst-like structures formed from solely stem cells

15.00               Joo-Hyeon Lee (Cambridge Stem Cell Institute)

                        Stem Cells and Their Dynamic Niche in Lung Repair and Regeneration

15.30               short talk chosen from abstracts

16.10               Poster session 1

18.00               Socializing

Saturday, 23rd March 2019

Session 4 – Adult Stem Cells


09.00               Marieke Essers (German Cancer Research Center)

                        Homeostatic IFN priming in hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs)

09.30               Marlen Knobloch (University of Lausanne)

                        Metabolic regulation of neural stem cells

10.00               Coffee break (IMP Foyer)

10.30               Carolina Florian (Center of Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona)

                        Aging alters the epigenetic asymmetry of HSC division               

11.00               Bon-Kyoung Koo (IMBA)

                        Defining the identity and dynamics of adult gastric isthmus stem cells

11.30               short talks chosen from abstract

12.10               Lunch

13.00               Poster session 2


Session 5 - Regeneration & Ageing


14.30               Elisa Gomez Perdiguero (Institut Pasteur)

                        Ageing and Inflammation drive the specific loss of HSC-independent tissue resident macrophages          

15.00               Christian Petersen (Northwestern University)

                        Regenerative growth and scaling in planarians

15.30               Coffee break (IMP Foyer)

16.00               keynote lecture: Janet Rossant (SickKids Research Institute)

                        From totipotency to pluripotency- how the early embryo makes its decisions

17.00               closing remarks