List of Publications

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2022RNF43/ZNRF3 loss predisposes to hepatocellular-carcinoma by impairing liver regeneration and altering the liver lipid metabolic ground-state.Nat CommunBelenguer, G., Mastrogiovanni, G., Pacini, C., Hall, Z., Dowbaj, AM., Arnes-Benito, R., Sljukic, A., Prior, N., Kakava, S., Bradshaw, CR., Davies, S., Vacca, M., Saeb-Parsy, K., Koo, BK., Huch, M.
2022A pendulum of induction between the epiblast and extra-embryonic endoderm supports post-implantation progression.DevelopmentVrij, EJ., Scholte Op Reimer, YS., Fuentes, LR., Guerreiro, IM., Holzmann, V., Aldeguer, JF., Sestini, G., Koo, BK., Kind, J., van Blitterswijk, CA., Rivron, NC.
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2021Methods in organoids: a model that goes beyond our imagination.Exp Mol MedKoo, BK.
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2021Ub and Dub of RNF43/ZNRF3 in the WNT signalling pathway.EMBO RepColozza, G., Koo, BK.
2021Correction: Gastric organoids-an in vitro model system for the study of gastric development and road to personalized medicine.Cell Death DifferSeidlitz, T., Koo, BK., Stange, DE.
2021RNF43/ZNRF3 negatively regulates taste tissue homeostasis and positively regulates dorsal lingual epithelial tissue homeostasis.Stem Cell ReportsLu, C., Lin, X., Yamashita, J., Xi, R., Zhou, M., Zhang, YV., Wang, H., Margolskee, RF., Koo, BK., Clevers, H., Matsumoto, I., Jiang, P.
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2021Organoids: ready for the revolution?J Mol Med (Berl)Koo, BK., Bartfeld, S., Alev, C.
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