Nicolas Rivron secures ERC Consolidator Grant

IMBA group leader Nicolas Rivron receives ERC consolidator grant to develop in vitro model of early development solely from stem cells.

How do cells self-organize to shape the developing organism? Nicolas Rivron is reconstituting such events by stimulating stem cells to spontaneous organize in a dish. These models of early development are powerful to reveal the molecules and multicellular behaviors that naturally happen well hidden in the womb. Such in vitro models also open ethical ways to develop medicines for effective family planning, fertility management, or to prevent the appearance of diseases.

Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grants are designed to support excellent scientists when they consolidate their own research program. “IMBA as research institute together with ERC grants are the best ways for Europe to support the innovative and fundamental science that will shape our future” said Nicolas Rivron.

About Nicolas Rivron
Nicolas Rivron studied engineering in France before working for the biotech Medtronic in the USA. In 2010, he completed his PhD on self-organization in tissue engineering, and soon established his own research group in the Netherlands. In 2018, his lab formed the first complete model of early development solely from mouse stem cells, which attracted worldwide attention. Since 2019 Nicolas Rivron is a group leader at the IMBA of the Austrian Academy of Science.

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