Odile Kommer

Peer-reviewed Articles

  • [Forthcoming]. (Co-authored with Andre Gingrich and Johann Heiss) “Transformations in Kinship and Gender Relations: Upper Yemen, 7th-15th century CE”, History and Anthropology, Special Issue: Kinship and Gender.
  • [Forthcoming]. (Co-authored with Johann Heiss and Eirik Hovden) “Conceptualizing City-Hinterland Relations and Governance: Medieval Sanaa as a Case Study.” In: Fabian Kümmeler, Eirik Hovden and Judit Majorossy (eds.): Practicing Community in Urban and Rural Eurasia (1000–1600): Comparative Perspectives. Brill.
  • (Co-authored with Andre Gingrich) „Südwestarabien in islamisch-vorosmanischer Zeit: Ein Forschungsbericht zu Konflikt und Konsens aus der historischen Anthropologie“, Mitteilungen der Anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien (MAGW), 148, pp 267–284.
  • (Co-authored with Salvatore Liccardo and Andrea Nowak) “Comparative Approaches to Ethnonyms: The Case of the Persians”, Hungarian Historical Review, 7/1, pp 18–56.
  • „Von ‚Söhnen‘ und ihrem Erbe: Persische Minderheiten im mittelalterlichen Jemen“, Jemen-Report, 47 1/2, pp 3–35.

Book Reviews

  • Review of Le Renard, Amélie. 2014. A society of young women: opportunities of place, power, and reform in Saudi Arabia. Stanford, CA: PB  - Stanford University Press. 224 pp. Pb.: US$22.46. ISBN: 9780804785440. Social Anthropology, 24/1, pp 126–127. DOI: 10.1111/1469-8676.12234