David Kalhous

Identität, Kohäsion, Eingliederung

Lise-Meitner Fellowship

Curriculum Vitae

Education and qualification


“Habilitation” Bohemi: Zu den Identitätsbildungsprozessen in den Přemyslidischen Ländern submitted, Faculty of Arts, Palacký-University, Olomouc


Ph.D. in Medieval History on Faculty of Arts, Masaryk-University, Brno (Legenda Christiani and its context, published 2012 by Brill; Prof. Martin Wihoda)


MA. in History and Auxiliary historical sciences on Faculty of Arts, Masaryk-University (suma cum laude), Brno (King Vratislav II of Bohemia (1061-1092) and his policy; Prof. Martin Wihoda)

Academic work experience

  • 1st January 2017- Senior research fellow, Institute for medieval studies, Austrian Academy of Sciences (Lise-Meitner Sen. Post-Doc fellowship in cooperation with W. Pohl)
  • 1st November 2015-30th April 2016, Senior research fellow, Institute for medieval studies, Austrian Academy of Sciences (participation on ERC Advanced Project, W. Pohl)
  • 1st February 2015- Senior research fellow in Medieval History, Department of Auxiliary historical sciences, Faculty of arts, Brno (P. Elbel)
  • 1st March 2014-23rd February 2016: Assistant-Professor, Silesian University, Opava
  • 1st February 2012-31st December 2015: Senior research fellow in Early Medieval History, Institute of archeology, Faculty of arts, Brno (Z. Měřínský)
  • 1st February 2010-30th June 2010: Research fellow, Interdisciplinary Centre for study of social structures from primeval ages to the high middle age, MSM0021622427 (Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic) (Z. Měřínský)
  • 1st June 2005-31st December 2009: Research fellow, Centre for Studies in Central European History: Sources, Countries, Culture MSM 0021622426 (Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic) (M. Wihoda/J. Malíř)
  • 1st July 2004-30th June 2005: Research fellow, Institute of Archeology Brno, Czech Academy of sciences (P. Kouřil)
  • 1st January 2001-30th June 2001: Archivist in former District record office Czech Republic (I. Navrátil)

Academical stays

14th June 2011-19th June 2011

GWZO, Leipzig

1st October 2006-31st March 2007

Universität Konstanz

Participation and projects


The role of center in society in transition: Moravia in 10th-11th c. (GA ČR 15-22658S)


Emperor Sigismund and his party in Bohemia (1420-1437)


University Grant for support of international visibility


Magnae Moraviae Fontes Historici I (GA ČR P405/12/0625)


Archeology of Přemyslid Bohemia (cooperation with Institute of archeology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University)


Hinterland of early medieval hillfort as an economical system (GA ČR, 404/08/1696; in cooperation with ArÚ AV ČR Praha)


Nonresidential parts of central agglomerations in Bohemia and Moravia in early middle ages (800-1200 A.D.) (GA ČR 404/05/2671; with Institutes for archeology Prague and Brno, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic)


Hillfort Stará Boleslav (900-1300 A.D.): its position in early state (GA ČR 404/99/1060; GA404/03/0365; with Instituts for archeology Prague and Brno, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic)


German medieval historians researching in Bohemia and Moravia to 1945 (LN00A041; with Center for medieval studies, Prague)

Appreciation of science community

  • Reviewer for different scientific journals, reviewing PhD. thesis and projects for ERC (Marie-Curie)
  • Lecture 15th June 2011 GWZO, Leipzig
  • 2011 Otto Gruendeler Award (Congress of medieval studies, Kalamazoo)