Funding: ISPRS Education and Capacity Building Initiative 2018

Duration: 2018–2019

Project team: Marco Scaioni (PI), Roderik Lindenbergh, Francesco Pirotti, Martin Rutzinger, Bernhard Höfle

Project team IGF: Martin Rutzinger, Magnus Bremer, Thomas Zieher, Jan Pfeiffer

ISPRS Education and Capacity Building Initiative 2018

The project SKIEE-DIP (Spreading out the Knowledge from ISPRS Educational Events using a Dissemination Internet Platform) aims at making the contents of such events available through e-learning techniques implemented in a Dissemination Internet Platform (DIP). The e-learning system will be organized on topics and subtopics on the basis of an expandable architecture following a list of well-defined guidelines. Each topic will host teaching material such as lectures, practical exercises, software, and data. In addition, the DIP will host a forum to promote discussion among users and lecturers. An implementation of a prototype DIP on the basis of the material coming from notably two editions of the Summer School on ’Close Range Sensing Techniques in Alpine Terrain‘ (2015 and 2017, Obergurgl, Tyrol, Austria) will be provided. Past and future participants to this Summer School as well as the ISPRS community as a whole will be invited to use the prototype DIP and give feedback. Final goal is to establish a user friendly and stimulating ISPRS Dissemination Internet Platform.