Finanzierung: EUREGIO Science Fund (Tirol, Südtirol, Trentino)

Laufzeit: Februar 2016 - Jänner 2018

Projektteam: Martin Rutzinger, Thomas Zieher, Jan Pfeiffer

website lemonade 

Natural hazards like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, droughts, floods, cyclones and fires threaten people and properties. These events can happen in any moment and need be studied and monitored. The project will focus on mass movements and particularly on landslides. The number of landslide events, as well as the direct and indirect damage caused by slope failures are largely increasing over the last years, calling for the development of more adequate methods for landslide monitoring. Therefore the overall aim of the LEMONADE project is to evaluate the abilities, potentialities and limitations of new remote and proximal sensing methods for monitoring ground deformations. The project methodologies will be validated in three test sites with the collaboration of the regional authorities. The outcomes of the project will aid the development of novel approaches for landslide monitoring, a data fusion methodology, which is reusable also in other fields of application.