• Dr.

    Suchita Kulkarni


Theorie Neue Physik

CMS Analyse


    Standort: Apostelgasse

    Raum: 401

    Telefon: +43 1 51581 - 2815


        I was born in Mumbai, India where I completed my education until my master's degree. Below is a short sketch of my career so far.

        1. September 2017 - present: Elise-Richter fellow at HEPHY, Vienna
        2. September 2014 - August 2017: Joint postdoctoral research fellow with CMS analysis - DM theory group at HEPHY, Vienna
        3. 09/2011 - 08/2013: Postdoctoral research fellow, Theory group, Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique & Cosmologie (LPSC), Grenoble, France
        4. 07/2007 - 08/2011: Doctoral fellow, Theory group of Prof. Manuel Drees, University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany
        5. 06/2004 - 07/2006: Master of Science, Mumbai University, Mumbai, India


          • OeAD mobility grant -- Austria - India joint project (from June 2018) 
          • FWF Elise - Richter Fellowship (from September 2017)
          • Marie-Curie Early stage researcher fellowship of the UniverseNet EU network

            Betreuung von Studenten:

            Master Students: (Principle supervisor)

            1. Mr. Valentin Czamler (Since May 2019 - present, joint master student with Dr. Florian Reindl, CRESST collaboration)
            2. Mr. Gerhard Ungersbäck (Since October 2018 - present)
            3. Ms. Alicia Wongel (November 2017 - March 2018, went to do PhD in ATLAS group at DESY, Hamburg)
            4. Mr. Lukas Lechner (finished November 2017, currently pursuing his PhD in CMS analyses group )
            5. Ms. Genessis Perez (now doing her PhD at KIT) 

            Master Students: (co-supervisor)

            1. Ms. Veronika Magerl (Now doing her PhD at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg)
            2. Mr. Micheal Traub (finished October 2015, moved to industry)


                I am active on twitter. As a physicist, I like to tweet about all the fun things happening in physics and as a female physicist, from time to time I like to raise my voice and express my opinion. You can follow me on twitter here

                Some of the outreach activities I participated in

                • Particle Physics masterclasses (2015, 2016, 2017)
                • Long night of research (2016)
                • European researchers night (2017)
                • Dark matter day (2017)

                Media apperences


                  A complete list of my publications can be found here.

                  Organization responsibilities: 

                  • OeAW diversity and equality working group member since 2019
                  • Member of LoC (diversity contact) for OeAW machine learning school 2019
                  • Equal opportunity contact person at HEPHY since 2018
                  • Member of local organising committee ALPS2018
                  • Member of local organizing committee ALPS2017
                  • HEPHY colloquium organizer - December 2017 - present
                  • Forum on the Interpretation of the LHC Results for BSM studies: Steering group member - July 2016  - January 2018
                  • (Re)-interpretation of LHC results - workshop organizer CERN, Switzerland, June 2016
                  • MIAPP dark matter workshop - Joint organizer mini-workshop: Collider results MIAPP, Munich, February 2015
                  • Weekly discussion club organizer HEPHY, Vienna, January 2015 - present Theory group seminar organizer LPSC, Grenoble, May 2013 - August 2014


                  • Delle Rose, Luigi; Khalil, Shaaban; King, Simon J. D.; Kulkarni, Suchita; Marzo, Carlo et al. [..] (2018) Sneutrino Dark Matter in the BLSSM. J. High Energy Phys. (7), S. ARTN 100.
                  • Ambrogi, Federico; Kraml, Sabine; Kulkarni, Suchita; Laa, Ursula; Lessa, Andre et al. [..] (2018) SModelS v1.1 user manual: Improving simplified model constraints with efficiency maps. Comput. Phys. Commun., Bd. 227, S. 72-98.
                  • Kahlhoefer, Felix; Kulkarni, Suchita; Wild, Sebastian (2017) Exploring light mediators with low-threshold direct detection experiments. J. Cosmol. Astropart. Phys. (11), S. ARTN 016.
                  • Chu, Xiaoyong; Kulkarni, Suchita; Salati, Pierre (2017) Dark matter indirect signals with long-lived mediators. J. Cosmol. Astropart. Phys. (11), S. ARTN 023.
                  • Bertuzzo, Enrico; Deppisch, Frank F.; Kulkarni, Suchita; Perez Gonzalez, Yuber F.; Funchal, Renata Zukanovich (2017) Dark matter and exotic neutrino interactions in direct detection searches. J. High Energy Phys. (4), S. ARTN 073.