Di, 19.07.2022 18:30

Vortrag "A tale of two infinities" von Gianfranco Bertone

Ort: TU Wien, TU the Sky, Getreidemarkt 9, 1060 Wien


Beginn: 19.00 Uhr (Einlass: 18.30 Uhr)

Vortrag in Englisch!


Der öffentliche Vortrag von Gianfranco Bertone (University of Amsterdam) findet im Rahmen der IDM2022 Konferenz statt.


The spectacular advances of modern astronomy have opened our horizons to an unexpected cosmos: a dark, mysterious universe, populated by enigmatic forms of matter and energy.

In this talk for the general public, I will show that the deepest mysteries of the universe — from 'dark matter' to 'dark energy,' and from 'black holes' to the 'Big Bang' — have something in common" though arising from the observation of the largest astronomical scales, they appear to sink their roots in the realm of elementary particles, a microcosm ruled not by gravity but by the laws of quantum physics.

I will argue that a new branch of astronomy - based not on traditional telescopes, but on gravitational waves and other 'messengers' of the universe - holds the keys to unlock these mysteries, and thus to build a bridge between infinitely large and infinitely small.

It is a new, exciting frontier of knowledge. But also an extraordinary adventure that will change forever our understanding of the Universe, and of the role that we as human beings play in it.


Gianfranco Bertone is Professor of Theoretical Astroparticle Physics at the Center of Excellence in Gravitation and Astroparticle Physics of the U. of Amsterdam, GRAPPA (Gravitation, AstroParticle Physics Amsterdam), where he leads a research team investigating topics at the interface between particle physics and cosmology. 

More information: http://gianfrancobertone.net/.


Im Anschluss an den Vortrag besteht die Möglichkeit in lockerer Atmosphäre über den aktuellen Stand der Erforschung von Dunkler Materie zu diskutieren.