Reinterpreting LHC resonance searches for new physics

Betreuer: Alberto Escalante del Valle

Projekt: CMS Analyse, Theorie DM

With a successful start and efficient performance, the LHC has produced some of the best measurements to be compared with predictions of the Standard Model of particle physics and numerous searches for physics beyond the Standard Model. The high precision of these results is extremely useful to characterise what type of new physics lies beyond the Standard Model. In order to understand the full scope of LHC results, these results need to be reinterpreted for a variety of new physics scenarios. Reinterpretation allows us to identify limits on new physics models and in some cases also leads to the design of new analyses. The successful applicant will be a part of such a reinterpretation activity.

The aim of the project is to reproduce one or more existing LHC analysis and derive limits on new physics models. To be concrete, we will take the example of the CMS measurements of the Standard Model Z boson decays to pair of leptons. We will use these measurements to constrain any new light boson masses. We will also estimate the sensitivity for the High Luminosity phase of the LHC.

Contacts:   Alberto Escalante del Valle