Exploring the potential of future direct dark matter detection experiments

Betreuer: Florian Reindl, Suchita Kulkarni

Projekt: CRESST, Theorie DM

Dark matter direct detection experiments will continue to make great progress testing a new regime for dark matter interactions with nuclei. Within this territory, cryogenic experiments such as CRESST will be important due to their low energy threshold capable of recording very small energy transfers and their high exposure gained by large observation time.

Within the context of the exciting program of future direct detection experiments including CRESST, we seek a master student. Your primary task would be to understand the capability and complementarity of upcoming dark matter direct detection experiments and demonstrate their usefulness.

You will work in close collaboration with a theorist and an experimentalist. You will understand the basic principles of direct detection experiments, simulate realistic events at a direct detection experiment and demonstarte the importance of their future program.

Basic knowledge of particle physics and statistics is desirable. Programming experience in python and/or C++ will be considered a strong asset.”