Dr. Josef Pradler
WS2016/2017, Uni Wien

Joint lecture with Prof. A. Hoang, Prof. W. Grimus, and Prof. H. Neufeld


  • Mathematical Methods M1 and M2 (lectures + exercises)
  • Lecture Theoretical Mechanics (lecture + exercises)
  • Lecture Quantum Mechanics (lecture + exercises)
  • Lecture Particle Physics I + II (lecture + exercises)

Aims and general information

Basics of 4 important advanced topics in particle physics research

  • Renormalization and renormalization group (by Prof. Hoang; Oct 5, 12, 19)
  • Finite one-loop corrections from divergent integrals: 2 examples from neutrino physics (by Prof. Grimus; Nov 9, 16, 23)
  • Chiral perturbation theory and symmetries of the strong interactions (by Prof. Neufeld; Nov 30, Dec 7, 14)
  • Selected topics in astroparticle physics (by Dr. Pradler; Jan 11, 18, 25)

Each topic will be discussed for consecutive 3 weeks by one of the lecturers. The course aims at teaching fundamental technical methods and knowledge concerning important topics in particle physics that are related to actual particle physics research being conducted at the particle groups at the University of Vienna and the HEPHY. The course shall bridge between the particle II lecture and advanced special lectures and potential master thesis works. Students are expected to work through the lecture notes in detail to master the techniques and issues discussed in the lecture. They are strongly encouraged to do further reading themselves and to discuss tricky issues with the lecturers during office hours.

Detailed information about the course can be found here.