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Giovannetti M, Göschl C, ..., Busch W (2019) Identification of novel genes involved in phosphate accumulation in Lotus japonicus through Genome Wide Association mapping of root system architecture and anion content. PLoS Genet 15(12):e1008126.

Schandry N and Becker C (2019) Allelopathic Plants: Models for Studying Plant–Interkingdom Interactions. Trends Plant Sci [epub].

Alcântara A, Bosch J, ..., Djamei A (2019) Systematic Y2H Screening Reveals Extensive Effector-Complex Formation. Front Plant Sci 10:1437.

Benkova E and Dagdas Y (2019) Editorial overview: Cell biology in the era of omics? Curr Opin Plant Biol 52:A1-2.

Aköz G and Nordborg M (2019) The Aquilegia genome reveals a hybrid origin of core eudicots. Genome Biol 20(1):256 preprint bioRxiv:407973.

Bosch J, Czedik-Eysenberg A, ..., Djamei A (2019) Two Is Better Than One: Studying Ustilago bromivora-Brachypodium Compatibility by Using a Hybrid Pathogen. Mol Plant Microbe Interact 31(12):1623-34

Kao P and Nodine MD (2019) Transcriptional Activation of Arabidopsis Zygotes Is Required for Initial Cell Divisions. Sci Rep 9(1):17159 preprint bioRxiv:679035.

Zuo Z, Edna M, Rodriguez E, et al. (2019) mRNA decapping machinery targets transcripts of the LBD3/ASL9 transcription factor to authorize formation of apical hook and lateral roots in Arabidopsis. bioRxiv:834465.

Ma Y, Miotk A, Šutiković Z, et al. (2019) WUSCHEL acts as an auxin response rheostat to maintain apical stem cells in Arabidopsis. Nat Commun 10(1):5093.

Bouain N, Korte A, Satbhai SB, et al. (2019) Systems genomics approaches provide new insights into Arabidopsis thaliana root growth regulation under combinatorial mineral nutrient limitation. PLoS Genet:e1008392.

Slovak R, Setzer C, Roiuk M, et al. (2019) Ribosome assembly factor Adenylate Kinase 6 maintains cell proliferation and cell size homeostasis during root growth. New Phytol [epub].

Sasaki E, Kawakatsu T, Ecker J, et al. (2019) Common alleles of CMT2 and NRPE1 are major determinants of de novo DNA methylation variation in Arabidopsis thaliana. bioRxiv:819516.

Togninalli M, Seren Ü, Freudenthal J, et al. (2019) AraPheno and the AraGWAS Catalog 2020: a major database update including RNA-Seq and knockout mutation data for Arabidopsis thaliana. Nucleic Acid Res [epub].

Ryder L, Dagdas Y, Kershaw M, et al. (2019) A sensor kinase controls turgor-driven plant infection by the rice blast fungus. Nature 574(7778):423-7.

Plotnikova A, Kellner MJ, ..., Nodine MD (2019) MicroRNA Dynamics and Functions During Arabidopsis Embryogenesis. Plant Cell (epub) preprint bioRxiv:633735.

Drinnenberg IA, Berger F, Elsässer SJ, et al. (2019) EvoChromo: towards a synthesis of chromatin biology and evolution. Development 146(19).

Durut N and Mittelsten Scheid O (2019) The Role of Noncoding RNAs in Double-Strand Break Repair. Front Plant Sci 10:1155.

Uhse S, Pflug FG, ... Djamei A (2019) Insertion Pool Sequencing for Insertional Mutant Analysis in Complex Host-Microbe Interactions. Curr Protoc Plant Biol 4(3):e20097.

Li B, Sun L, Huang J, et al. (2019) GSNOR provides plant tolerance to iron toxicity via preventing iron-dependent nitrosative and oxidative cytotoxicity. Nat Commun 10(1):3896.

Le Goff S, Nur Keçeli B, Jerabkova H, et al. (2019) The H3 histone chaperone NASPSIM 3 escorts CenH3 in Arabidopsis. Plant J [epub].

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