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Wutz G, Ladurner R, St Hilaire BG, et al. (2020) ESCO1 and CTCF enable formation of long chromatin loops by protecting cohesinSTAG1 from WAPL. Elife:e52091.

Acheampong AK, Shanks C, Chang CY, et al. (2020) EXO70D isoforms mediate selective autophagic degradation of Type-A ARR proteins to regulate cytokinin sensitivity. bioRxiv:938712.

Montgomery SA, Tanizawa Y, Galik B, et al. (2020) Chromatin organization in early land plants reveals an ancestral association between H3K27me3, transposons, and constitutive heterochromatin. Curr Biol [epub].

Alcântara A, Seitner D, ..., Djamei A (2020) A high-throughput screening method to identify proteins involved in unfolded protein response of the endoplasmic reticulum in plants. Plant Methods 16:4.

Kao P and Nodine MD (2020) Profiling Transcriptomes of Manually Dissected Arabidopsis Embryos. Methods Mol Biol 2122:113-26.

Páldi K, Mosiolek M, Nodine MD (2020) Small RNA In Situ Hybridizations on Sections of Arabidopsis Embryos. Methods Mol Biol 2122:87-99.

Shah N, Wakabayashi T, Kawamura Y, et al. (2020) Extreme genetic signatures of local adaptation during Lotus japonicus colonization of Japan. Nat Commun 11(1):253.

Rodriguez E, Chevalier J, Olsen J, et al. (2020) Autophagy mediates temporary reprogramming and dedifferentiation in plant somatic cells. EMBO J [epub].

Sasaki E, Kawakatsu T, Ecker JR, et al. (2019) Common alleles of CMT2 and NRPE1 are major determinants of CHH methylation variation in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS Genet 15(12):e1008492 preprint bioRxiv:819516.

Giovannetti M, Göschl C, ..., Busch W (2019) Identification of novel genes involved in phosphate accumulation in Lotus japonicus through Genome Wide Association mapping of root system architecture and anion content. PLoS Genet 15(12):e1008126.

Schandry N and Becker C (2019) Allelopathic Plants: Models for Studying Plant–Interkingdom Interactions. Trends Plant Sci 25(2):176-185.

Alcântara A, Bosch J, ..., Djamei A (2019) Systematic Y2H Screening Reveals Extensive Effector-Complex Formation. Front Plant Sci 10:1437.

Benkova E and Dagdas Y (2019) Editorial overview: Cell biology in the era of omics? Curr Opin Plant Biol 52:A1-2.

Aköz G and Nordborg M (2019) The Aquilegia genome reveals a hybrid origin of core eudicots. Genome Biol 20(1):256 preprint bioRxiv:407973.

Bosch J, Czedik-Eysenberg A, ..., Djamei A (2019) Two Is Better Than One: Studying Ustilago bromivora-Brachypodium Compatibility by Using a Hybrid Pathogen. Mol Plant Microbe Interact 31(12):1623-34

Kao P and Nodine MD (2019) Transcriptional Activation of Arabidopsis Zygotes Is Required for Initial Cell Divisions. Sci Rep 9(1):17159 preprint bioRxiv:679035.

Ma Y, Miotk A, Šutiković Z, et al. (2019) WUSCHEL acts as an auxin response rheostat to maintain apical stem cells in Arabidopsis. Nat Commun 10(1):5093.

Bouain N, Korte A, Satbhai SB, et al. (2019) Systems genomics approaches provide new insights into Arabidopsis thaliana root growth regulation under combinatorial mineral nutrient limitation. PLoS Genet:e1008392.

Liu X, Wu X, Adhikari PB, et al. (2019) Establishment of a novel method for the identification of fertilization defective mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 521(4):928-32.

Zuo Z, Roux ME, Rodriguez E, et al. (2019) mRNA decapping machinery targets transcripts of the LBD3/ASL9 transcription factor to authorize formation of apical hook and lateral roots in Arabidopsis. bioRxiv:834465​​​​​​​.

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