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Papareddy RK, Páldi K, ..., Nodine MD (2020) Chromatin regulates expression of small RNAs to help maintain transposon methylome homeostasis in Arabidopsis. Genome Biol 21(1):251. 

Karaaslan ES, Wang N, Faiß N, et al. (2020) Marchantia TCP transcription factor activity correlates with three-dimensional chromatin structure. Nat Plants [epub].

Loppin B and Berger F (2020) Histone Variants: The Nexus of Developmental Decisions and Epigenetic Memory. Annu Rev Genet [epub].

Stephani M, Picchianti L, ..., Dagdas Y (2020) A cross-kingdom conserved ER-phagy receptor maintains endoplasmic reticulum homeostasis during stress. eLife:58396 preprint bioRxiv:995316.

Burns R, Mandakova T, Jagoda J, et al. (2020) Gradual evolution of allopolyploidy in Arabidopsis suecica. bioRxiv:264432.

Gutzat R, Rembart K, Nussbaumer T, et al. (2020) Arabidopsis shoot stem cells display dynamic transcription and DNA methylation patterns. EMBO J [epub] preprint bioRxiv:430447.

Gordon SP, Contreras-Moreira B, Levy JJ, et al. (2020) Gradual polyploid genome evolution revealed by pan-genomic analysis of Brachypodium hybridum and its diploid progenitors. Nat Commun 11(1):3670.

Incarbone M and Ritzenthaler C (2020) Double-Stranded RNA Pull-Down to Characterize Viral Replication Complexes in Plants. Methods Mol Biol 2166:307-27.

Jiang D, Borg M, Lorković ZJ, et al. (2020) The evolution and functional divergence of the histone H2B family in plants. PLoS Genet 16(7):e1008964.

Raxwal VK, Simpson CG, Gloggnitzer J, et al. (2020) Nonsense-mediated RNA Decay Factor UPF1 is Critical for Post-transcriptional and Post-translational Gene Regulation in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell [epub].

Ma J, Liang Z, Zhao J, et al. (2020) Friendly regulates membrane depolarization induced mitophagy in Arabidopsis. bioRxiv:2020.07.12.198424.

Kao P and Nodine M (2020) Application of expansion microscopy on developing Arabidopsis seeds. Methods Cell Biol [epub].

Luo J, Wei C, Liu H, et al. (2020) MaizeCUBIC: A Comprehensive Variation Database for a Maize Synthetic Population. Database (Oxford) [epub].

Tsuchimatsu T, Kakui H, Yamazaki M, et al. (2020) Adaptive Reduction of Male Gamete Number in the Selfing Plant Arabidopsis Thaliana. Nat Commun 11(1):2885.

Yan A, Borg B, Berger F, et al. (2020) The Atypical Histone Variant H3.15 Promotes Callus Formation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Development [epub].

Borg M, Jacob Y, Susaki D, et al. (2020) Targeted reprogramming of H3K27me3 resets epigenetic memory in plant paternal chromatin. Nature Cell Biology 22(6):621-9.

Papareddy R, Páldi K, ... Nodine MD (2020) Chromatin Regulates Bipartite-Classified Small RNA Expression to Maintain Epigenome Homeostasis in Arabidopsis. bioRxiv:076885.

Morales L, Repka AC, Swarts KL, et al. (2020) Genotypic and phenotypic characterization of a large, diverse population of maize near-isogenic lines. Plant J 103(3):1246-55.

Hüther P, Schandry N, ..., Becker C (2020) araDEEPopsis: From images to phenotypic traits using deep transfer learning. bioRxiv:2020.04.01.018192v1

Pandey P, Leary AY, Tümtas Y, et al. (2020) The Irish potato famine pathogen subverts host vesicle trafficking to channel starvation-induced autophagy to the pathogen interface. bioRxiv:2020.03.20.000117.

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