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Borg M, Buendía D, Berger F (2019) A simple and robust protocol for immunostaining Arabidopsis pollen nuclei. Plant Reprod [epub].

Watson JM, Trieb J, Troestl M, et al. (2019) A hypomorphic allele of telomerase reverse transcriptase uncovers the minimal functional length of telomeres in Arabidopsis. bioRxiv:520163.

Shi D, Lebovka I, López-Salmerón V, et al. (2019) Bifacial cambium stem cells generate xylem and phloem during radial plant growth. Development 146:e0103.

Grehl C, Kuhlmann M, Becker C, et al. (2018) How to Design a Whole-Genome Bisulfite Sequencing Experiment. Epigenomes 2(4):21.

Higo A, Kawashima T, Borg M et al. (2018) Transcription factor DUO1 generated by neo-functionalization is associated with evolution of sperm differentiation in plants. Nat Commun 9:5283.

Weng M, Becker C, Hildebrandt J, et al. (2018) Fine-Grained Analysis of Spontaneous Mutation Spectrum and Frequency in Arabidopsis thaliana. Genetics [epub].

Hofmann F, Schon MA, Nodine MD (2018) The embryonic transcriptome of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Reprod. [epub] preprint: bioRxiv:479584.

Nagler M, Nägele T, Gilli C, et al. (2018) Eco-Metabolomics and Metabolic Modeling: Making the Leap From Model Systems in the Lab to Native Populations in the Field. Front Plant Sci 9:1556.

Capitao C, Shukla N, Wandrolova A, et al. (2018) Functional Characterization of SMG7 Paralogs in Arabidopsis thaliana. Front Plant Sci 9:1602.

Zess E, Jensen C, ..., Dagdas Y (2018) N-terminal β-strand underpins biochemical specialization of an ATG8 isoform. bioRxiv:453563.

Schon MA, Kellner MJ, ..., Nodine MD (2018) NanoPARE: parallel analysis of RNA 5' ends from low-input RNA. Genome Res 28(12):1931-42

Filiault D, Ballerini ES, Mandakova T, et al. (2018) The Aquilegia genome provides insight into adaptive radiation and reveals an extraordinarily polymorphic chromosome with a unique history. eLife:36426 preprint: bioRxiv:264101.

Toal TW, Ron M, Gibson D, et al. (2018) Regulation of Root Angle and Gravitropism. G3 (Bethesda) [epub].

Velicky P, Meinhardt G, Plessl K, et al. (2018) Genome amplification and cellular senescence are hallmarks of human placenta development. PLoS Genet 14(10):e1007698.

Seitner D, Uhse S, ..., Djamei A (2018) The Core Effector Cce1 is Required for Early Infection of Maize by Ustilago maydis. Mol Plant Pathol 19(10):2277-87.

Ristova D, Giovannetti M, Metesch K, et al. (2018) Natural Genetic Variation Shapes Root System Responses to Phytohormones in Arabidopsis. Plant J 96(2):468-481.

Gutzat R, Rembart K., Nussbaumer T. et al. (2018) Stage-specific transcriptomes and DNA methylomes indicate an early and transient loss of transposon control in Arabidopsis shoot stem cells. BioRxiv:430447.

Mickute M, Nainyte M, Vasiliauskaite L, et al. (2018) Animal Hen1 2'-O-methyltransferases as tools for 3'-terminal functionalization and labelling of single-stranded RNAs. Nucleic Acids Res 46(17):e104.

Tedeschi F, Rizzo P, Huong BTM et al. (2018) EFFECTOR OF TRANSCRIPTION factors are novel plant-specific regulators associated with genomic DNA methylation in Arabidopsis. New Phytol 221(1):261-78.

Wibowo A, Becker C, Durr J, et al. (2018) Partial maintenance of organ-specific epigenetic marks during plant asexual reproduction leads to heritable phenotypic variation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 115(39):E9145-52.

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