The GMI offers technical and administrative positions, as well as education for Bachelor Students through Postdocs.

Current Vacancies


International Internship Program (I2P)

In 2021, the GMI launched the structured internship program I2P. Targeted at pre-doctoral students, those enrolled in Master's programs and students who have finished or are in their final year of a bachelor's program, it provides the opportunity to perform cutting-edge plant research as well as offering advice on scientific careers and PhD opportunities. Interns receive a competetive salary and travel reimbursements. More information at

Vienna BioCenter PhD Program

PhD Students at the GMI are recruited twice a year in March and September through the Vienna BioCcenter PhD Program, jointly run by the GMI, IMBA, IMP, and MFPL.  The Vienna BioCcenter PhD program encourages students to positively contribute to the advancement of science by making and publishing important scientific discoveries. The training program will allow students to acquire scientific skills, which are important for a career in science, but also for other career paths. 

For more information and call deadlines, please visit the programme's website:

Postdoc Opportunities

Postdocs at the GMI have the freedom and necessary resources to tackle nearly any scientific topic.  Together with other institutes of the VBC, the GMI offers a professional development program with courses on scientific writing, leading a lab, and entrepreneurship through the VBC Training Programme. Postdocs are encouraged and assisted to apply for external fellowships.  If you are interested in becoming a postdoc at the GMI, please directly contact the group leader you are interested in working with.

Additionally, the GMI is a member of Vienna International Postdoctoral Program (VIP2), a 3 year postdoctoral fellowship program co-funded through the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 847548.

Master Students 

Several labs at the GMI host Master Students and Interns.  If you're excited about plant biology and have found a group you would like to work with, please get in touch with the group leader directly.  

Vienna BioCenter Summer School

The VBC Summer School offers an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students to work on an independent research project in a world-class scientific environment. Selected students receive accommodation, a travel allowance, and a monthly stipend. Applications open in December and close on the 31st of January.  If you are interested in working at the GMI as a summer school student, please apply!