Prescription and Time Limits in Tort

Prescription is a legal institute that prevents a claimant from enforcing an alleged right against a defendant because of the passage of time on the claim. ‘Prescription and Time Limits in Tort’ aims to to explore the goals of the law of prescription, to describe and analyse the ways it actually affects tort claims, the litigants in such claims and other parties, and to examine whether and how revisions of the law of prescription may promote its goals. The project of the European Group on Tort Law (EGTL) is led by Israel Gilead (Jerusalem University) and Bjarte Askeland (Bergen University) and is based on national reports from jurisdictions represented by the EGTL. The results will be published with Intersentia in the ‘Principles of European Tort Law’ series: Israel Gilead/Bjarte Askeland (eds), Prescription and Time Limits in Tort.