The third project of the ‘World Tort Law Society’ (WTLS), led by YAO Hui (Research Center for Civil and Commercial Jurisprudence, Renmin University, Beijing) and Ronen Perry (Haifa University), is supported by ETL and ECTIL and concerns the protection of personality rights under tort law, with special regard to modern means of communication (mass media, the internet, social networks etc).

An analysis of this field is already attractive given of its considerable, steadily increasing practical relevance. A thorough international examination of this topic is of particular importance, because the conduct involved often crosses international borders, especially with torts committed via the internet, meaning that foreign law may be applicable to them. The WTLS, committed to international comparative law research, can thus provide a valuable contribution to practice by conducting research in this field.




Project leaders:

  • Yao Hui
  • Ronen Perry

Project assistant:

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