The first ESQ grants have been awarded

The Erwin Schrödinger Center for Quantum Science & Technology is funding five young researchers as well as five innovative research projects by altogether one million euros.

The first ESQ fellowship grants funded by the Research Ministry could now be awarded.

Five young researchers won the international and highly competitive first round of ESQ Fellowships, which will allow them to do high-profile research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), TU Wien or the University of Innsbruck for two years each.

At the same time the ESQ Discovery Programme was advertised nationally asking for applications for innovative research projects including radically new ideas and high-risk projects.

Five researchers won the highly competitive first round of ESQ Discovery Projects, which will allow them to do high-profile research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) and the University of Vienna for a maximum of 12 months. The projects that range from research in quantum clocks and thermodynamics to quantum optomechanics and cold atoms are funded by a maximum of € 100,000 each.


 Our winners of the first ESQ Postdoc Grants 2017 are:



ESQ Host

Ämin Baumeler

Faculty of Informatics, Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano

IQOQI Wien/ÖAW (Brukner)

Sicong Ji

Atominstitut, Technische Universität Wien

TU Wien (Schmiedmayer)

Wolfgang Niedenzu

Department of Chemical Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot

Univ. Innsbruck (Ritsch)

Lauri Toikka

New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study, Auckland

Univ. Innsbruck (Läuchli)

Peter Kirton

School of Physics and Astronomy, The University of St Andrews

TU Wien (Rabl)


Our winners of the first ESQ Grants for Discovery Proposals 2017 are:

Project leader

ESQ host

Project title

Jessica Bavaresco

Huber Group/ÖAW

Mutually unbiased bases - the notorious case of dimension 6

Marcus Huber

Huber Group/IQOQI Wien/ÖAW

Emergent time - operationalism, quantum clocks and thermodynamics

Stefan Kuhn

Arndt Group/Univ. Wien

Rotational Quantum-Optomechanics

Jörg Schmiedmayer

Schmiedmayer Group/TU Wien

Spins in Quantum Solids and Liquids. From Quantum Memory to Quantum Simulation

Philipp Schneeweiß

Rauschenbeutel Group/TU Wien

Coherent Preparation and Characterization of Quantized Surface-Bound States of Cold Atoms



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