Marcus Huber becomes Assistant Professor at TU Wien

Marcus Huber and his group moved to the the Atominstitut of the TU Wien, but will also maintain a research position at IQOQI-Vienna.

Marcus Huber studied at the University of Vienna, where he stayed for his PhD and a Post Doc. After several research positions abroad (Bristol, Barcelona, Geneva) and several competitive fellowships and awards (e.g. SNF-Ambizione) he came back to Vienna in 2016, where he used his FWF-START prize to set up a group at IQOQI Vienna.

His international research group consists of around 20 members today and is continuously expanding. His group focuses mainly on theoretical research in the fields of quantum information and quantum thermodynamics, but has also built up experiments in quantum optics.


For more information see https://www.iqoqi-vienna.at/detail/news/assistant-professorship-for-marcus-huber-at-the-atominstitut-tu-wien




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